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Astrology’ is made up of two things – ‘aster,’ or star, and ‘logos,’ or logic – means ‘star logic’. Astrologyis the only connection with the universe. We have sky above and ground below. Astrology is the connection of the patterns in the heavens with the happenings on earth. Astrology is the oldest sciences. Its origins can be drawn back to the beginning of the universe and it will be remain as long as the universe survives.

Astrology is the heart of astronomy. It begins where astronomy stops. Astrology is the language of the stars just like Universal language. Actually astrology is a science which is based on time. Every moment in time has a definite quality attached to it. As you born at a particular moment under the universe, you absorb the qualities of planets and stars present on that particular time. Your personal horoscope is just a streamlined map of the universe at the moment when you are born. Actually it is a guide map for our journey through time on the planet known as earth.

Astrology does not articulate any judgement. Just like nature, it does not create any good or bad effects. It just tells what was, what is, and what can be. Astrology does not tell anybody to depend on fate as a lot of people believe to be. In fact, it gives more stress on karma than fate. So the main aim of astrology is today’s ‘karma’ and tomorrow’s ‘fate’. Astrology is not about burden to a painful hand of fate or destiny but all about achieving freedom through understanding and proper use of our free will.

Astrology works only upon the nature’s law – “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Our fate or present life is made up of our own actions which we have done in past and thus can be resulted only by our own actions in present. Astrology only tells us how to improve our present life by doing good karma. Astrology is the answer of the ‘why’ many people ask themselves. Astrology works as a catalyst in our evolutionary journey. It can help us to learn the lessons with the minimum of trouble. Astrology tells us how to decrease confusion and increase clarity.

Astrology is comprehensive to all of us. It covers all the spheres of human existence. It is the root of psychology, healing and all other caring searches. It does not bias for any race, religion, gender, culture or nationality. It supports all the modern branches of science and even those who don’t believe in it. Astrology is just like a tool for prediction the future. Astrology is the coordination linking the past, present and the future. So we can say that

•Astrology is a practical way of living our lives on earth. According to Plato’s words “an unanalysed life is not worth living”. So it is a wonderful device for self-introspection and self-analysis.

•Astrology is an individual as well as a co-operative science.

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