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Sundarkand Puja

“Sundere Sundero Ram Sundere Sunderi Katha

Sundere Sunderi Sita Sundere Kim Na Sunderem”

Sundarkand is one of the most beautifully crafted chapters of the Hindu epic – Ramayana by Tulsidas. There are seven chapters in Ramayana including Balkand, Ayodhyakand, Aranyakand, Kishkindhakand, Sundarkand, Lankakand & Utarakand. The whole Ramayana is based on the incidents related to Lord Ram’s life. The Sundarkand explains the whole journey of searching Maa Sita, the consort of Lord Ram, the successful exploration of Sita by Lord Hanuman – the greatest devotee of Ram and the victory of Ram over Raavana and his complete empire.

There are total 7 Dohas in Sundarkand. Lord Shri Ram, along with Hanuman, Jamwant and the Vanar Sena commence the exploration of Sita and get stuck near a sea which seems impossible to cross. Hanuman utilizes his power of flying and crosses the sea to find Maa Sita. Lord Hanuman reaches Lanka and with the help of Vibhisana, Ravana’s brother discovers the Ashok Vatika, where Sita was kept locked by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. Hanuman meets Sita and gives her his identification and mentions his link with Lord Ram. Hanuman destroys all the evil men sent by Ravana to attack him and flies back to Lord Ram to tell him the whole story. The Vaanar Sena helps Lord Rama to build Raamsetu Bridge over the sea and cross it to reach Sita. Lord Ram reaches Lanka with his army and kills Ravana and brings Sita home.

Benefits of Sukarkand Puja:

Sundarkaand describes the devotion and strength of Lord Hanuman and the victory of truth over the untruth & good over the bad. The chapter refers to every single character of the story who helped/loved and worshipped Lord Ram. The benefits of reciting Sundarkand every day include:

  • Strength, fearlessness, and positivity is gained
  • Evil energies are chased away from the surrounding
  • Good thoughts are received
  • Long and healthy life
  • Sincerity, devotion, and many other skills are developed

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