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Akhand Ramayan

Akhand Ramayana is the continuous recitation of the Epic – Ramayana that takes around 24 hours. This recitation is usually done for the peace and prosperity around. It is considered that if the recitation is done properly, without any break then all the hassles from the life gets eliminated with the mercy of God Rama. Lord Rama has a magnificent niche in the Hindu Mythology and Ramayana is written by the greatest devotee of Lord Rama – Tulsidas. The Epic Ramayana/Ramcharitramanas comprises of seven chapters that are also known as Kaands including Baal Kaand, Ayodhya Kaand, Aranya Kaand, Kishkindha Kaand, Sunderkaand, Lanka Kaand & Uttar Kaand. The complete recitation process of Akhand Ramayana initiates with an Aarti and then the whole process include Bhajan, Katha Maha Prasaad. Arranging some traditional and religious musical instruments like Tabla, Dholak, Harmonium etc. for Bhajans exponentially enhances the divine essence of the event.


The benefits of reciting Akhand Ramayana are simply endless. Mouthing “Sriram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” at the end of the Dohas generates a positive vibe in the ambiance that successfully eliminates the negativity from the surrounding and provides an enthusiasm to the participants of the religious event. The complete benefits of Akhand Ramayana can be summed up in the points :

  • Removal of all the barriers from life
  • Gaining prosperity and peace in life
  • Propitious inception of any event (New Home Entry, Business Opening, Child Birth etc.)
  • Good Health
  • Eliminating the dangers from life
  • Worshipping Lord Rama on Raamnavami through Akhand Ramayana ensures   success of the worshiper/s throughout their lives.
Onsite Puja
 Our Service  Acharya/Pandit will report to the venue as per  the  booking date and time.
 Minimum Advance  Booking  15 days
 Number of Puja Days  1 day
 Number of  Acharya/Pandit  11
 Expected duration of Puja  in Hours/Day  24 hours
 Puja Samagri  Arrangement  by  Pujyaseva  Applicable
 Puja Samagri  Arrangement  by Client  Applicable
Dakshina (Varanasi)  21000 Rs.
 Out Station  Accomodation and travelling arragments extra.

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