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Boomi Puja

Bhoomi Pujan is one of the essential spiritual events in Hindu Culture. The event is organized whenever anything related to the Bhoomi or Land is going to take place or find its inception. Hindus worship the land as their mother and Bhoomi has a special niche in Hindu Culture as it is one of the 5 primary elements from which the universe is constructed. Bhoomi Pujan is basically seeking permission from the mother earth in a spiritual manner before making any kind of change in its equilibrium. Usually, Bhoomi Pujan ceremony is arranged before building a house or a commercial property or initiating the cultivation. It is considered that to balance the change made in nature’s equilibrium, a special ritual has to be followed along with the some spiritual hymns. The holy event requires a priest who digs a pit in the land where a Kalash is put and the Bhoomi Pujan is arranged. TheHomam commences with hymns and mantras. The event includes the reciting of Bhuh Suktha which is a tribute to mother earth. For single residences, multi-apartment buildings and factories, the Mantras are different but the procedure of the Puja remains the same.

Benefits of Bhoomi Puja

The intention behind arranging the Bhoomi Pujan event is to seek the permission and the forgiveness from mother earth to commence any residential or commercial activity on the land. People pray for a successful construction on the land that can sustain long. The primary benefits of the Puja include:

  • Enhancement in monetary benefits through the construction done.
  • Peace and prosperity for the inhabitants or the personnel working there.
  • Durability of the construction.
  • Increased productivity of the land in case of cultivation.
  • Sudarshana/Kalabhairava Puja is done to eliminate any dispute related to the land.
  • Vishwakarma Puja is done along with the Bhoomi Pujan in case of a factory construction plan.
Onsite Puja
 Our Service  Acharya/Pandit will report to the venue as per  the  booking date and time.
 Minimum Advance  Booking  15 days
 Number of Puja Days  1 day
 Number of  Acharya/Pandit  2
 Expected duration of Puja  in Hours/Day  5 hours
 Dakshina with in Varanasi  5100Rs
 Puja Samagri  Arrangement  by Client  Applicable
Out station 10000 Rs. Travelling, accomodation charges extra.
 Accommodation of Pandits  To be Confirmed at Time of Booking,Charges  Extra

 Shubh Muhrat

The Bhoomi Pujan can’t be arranged any day of any month. The Bhoomi Poojan is usually avoided in the Ashadh and Kartik Shukla. Hindu astrologers generally suggest the Bhoomi Pujan in Shukla Paksha, Shravan, Baishakh, Magh and Falgun month to avoid any hindrance and welcome the wealth, health and happiness in piles. Krishna Paksha must be avoided for such events.

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