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Vishnu Yagya

Vishnu is the most important deity of Hindu trinity, being nourisher as well as protector of the universe.We utilize the positive effects of Vishnu Sahastranam in Maha Vishnu Yagna in very innovative, but secret way. Vishnu Sahastranam, is a part of Mahabharata, just like Gita, divulged by Bhishma to Yudhishthira, for all encompassing benefits in life.

Vishnu Yag is done by reading of the 1000 names of Lord Vishnu for 1250 times. Hereafter, the procedures followed are — Dashaansh havan (the one-tenth part), Maarjan, Tarpan and last is Brahmanbhojan (serving food to the Brahmans)

Pursuant to the Vedas, lord Vishnu is known to be the savior of the earth, who use to take birth in the world, time to time to set up Dharma and to guard everyone from the devils.

The Lord Vishnu Yagna is performed to appease God Vishnu, which helps in looking for his blessings. Vishnu Maha Yagna is so potent that it annihilates all the pains of life and gives amazing results in life. One can get the psychological, emotional, physical and material realization through Shree Vishnu Yagna.

The Pandits conversant with Vedas perform this Yagya. They strictly follow Vishnu Yagna procedure with a range of balanced combinations of the delicate elements such as fire, earth, air, water and reciting of mantras as per Vedas in Sanskrit. The Yagya is performed with devotion, affection, willpower, reliability and serenity. The Havan and aahuti is an essential part of Yagya. In the end of the ceremony, the aarti is performed, and food, clothes, and dakshina are donated to the Pandits and other deprived people as per the wish of devotee. This fortunate Yagya brings in religious and materialistic pleasure in the life of sponsorer.


  • It fulfills the wishes and brings peace and wealth in life.
  • Vishnu Yag helps to get free of “pitra dosh”, a combination found in some horoscopes.
  • It helps to get fame and name.
  • It is performed for wealth and achievement in life.
  • It is performed for help in religious inspiration of children.
  • It demolishes the bad forces coming through your path and leads you towards the path of victory and fame.
  • This Yagya establishes the harmony and pleasure in your life and removes all miseries from the life.
  • This Yagya has many optimistic facets, which help in getting courageous and happy life.

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