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Managemen Team

People Behind Kashi Karmkand

Directors Desk

Arvind Singh

Managing Director

Arvind Singh is the founder member of Kashi Karmkand and currently he is the Chairman of the board of Kashi Navkalpana Pvt. Ltd., which runs the organization Kashi Karmkand.

A devout follower of Lord Shiva and a successful entrepreneur, he was frequently visiting Kashi in the past. During one of such stays in the holy city he came in contact with the learned Vedic scholars of Kashi. During his subsequent visits, in the company of such scholars his appetite for learning about the Vedic Hindu traditions grew and often he used to have prolonged discussions on the extant practices of Karmkandic traditions and Astrology with the scholars.

Prior to undertaking entrepreneurial work and the current position he had served in various organizations in different capacities for around 5 years.

He has earned an MBA from Pune University and Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree from Institute of Agriculture Science, Banaras Hindu University.   


Acharya Ranjan Kumar Shukla one of the founding members of Kashi Karmkand is managing the Human Resource division of the organization.

At a very young age he was introduced to the Karmkandic traditions of Kashi by his elder brother Dr. Pankaj Shukla. After completing his basic education from Sampurnanad Sanskrit University, Varanasi, he earned the degree of Acharya in Shukla Yajurveda from Banaras Hindu University.

He has been performing Karmkand since the year 2002.

Acharya Ranjan Shukla

Director, Human Resource

Abhishek Pushpa

Director Finance

Abhishek Pushpa, a founding member of Kashi Karmkand is managing the Finance division of the organization. He is one of the Directors of Kashi Navkalpana Pvt. Ltd.

Prior to joining Kashi Karmkand he has worked in the banking industry for 7 years. He has earned his MBA from Banaras Hindu University.


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