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Karam Kand

Mahamrityunjay Yagya

The term ‘Rudra’ refers to the fierce form of Lord Shiva. Maha Rudra Yagna is performed to worship Shiva, which is called Rudra Yagna. It is the most sacred and powerful among all the Maha Yagna The Rudra Yagna is […]

Sundarkand Puja

“Sundere Sundero Ram Sundere Sunderi Katha Sundere Sunderi Sita Sundere Kim Na Sunderem” Sundarkand is one of the most beautifully crafted chapters of the Hindu epic – Ramayana by Tulsidas. There are seven chapters in Ramayana including Balkand, Ayodhyakand, Aranyakand, Kishkindhakand, […]

Kalsharp Dosh Puja

Kal Sarp Dosh is a curse related to the birth. One who is born in the Kal Sarp Yog is believed to suffer from the misfortune and death like experiences for the lifelong period. Kal refers to the time and Sarp means snake. When all […]

Akhand Ramayan

Akhand Ramayana is the continuous recitation of the Epic – Ramayana that takes around 24 hours. This recitation is usually done for the peace and prosperity around. It is considered that if the recitation is done properly, without any break then all the […]

Boomi Puja

Bhoomi Pujan is one of the essential spiritual events in Hindu Culture. The event is organized whenever anything related to the Bhoomi or Land is going to take place or find its inception. Hindus worship the land as their mother and Bhoomi has […]

Vishnu Yagya

Vishnu is the most important deity of Hindu trinity, being nourisher as well as protector of the universe.We utilize the positive effects of Vishnu Sahastranam in Maha Vishnu Yagna in very innovative, but secret way. Vishnu Sahastranam, is a part […]


The Rudrabhishek is one of the most popular Vedic Hindu Rituals performed to appease the God of the Gods, Lord Shiva. This Pooja is performed to worship Lord Shiva in one of his most popular Rudra form. In the pooja, […]

Satyanarayana Puja

Satyanarayan Puja is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and very popular in most parts of India. Satyanarayan Puja is one of the easiest and best way to seek blessings of God Narayan which is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu. […]

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