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About Us

"Kashi", the luminous city of lord Shiva, has a ritualistic tradition since the Vedic period. In the course of evolution, this tradition has been enriched by several sages, yogis and scholars. Historically, the Vedic scholars of Kashi have been the flag bearers of Hindu religion and philosophy.
Kashi Karmkand is a spiritual and humanitarian organisation with its roots in the karmakandic (ritualistic) tradition of the age old sacred and holy city of Kashi. It is an initiative to spread awareness about the Vedic traditions and spiritual aspect of Hinduism as practiced in Kashi. Our endeavour is to restore the ritual of original Karma Kand under the guidance of learned Vedic scholars of Kashi and to educate people about the improper practices of Karma Kand, which may have counterproductive effects.
Besides, we also encourage people to take a spiritual tour in and around Kashi with our associates and know the Vedic, mythological and historical connections of the thousands of temples, ghats on the holy river Ganges and other monuments in and around the holy city of Kashi.
Along this journey in the quest of Vedic traditions, scholars of Jyotish Shastra and Vastu Shastra also got associated with us, who agreed to share their knowledge in order to eradicate the prevalent malpractices in the field and to educate people about the scientific as well as Vedic traditions of Jyotish and Vastu.
However, the most encouraging serendipity was to meet and be associated with the devout artisans and craftsman who have inhabited the holy city and hinterlands for thousands of years. They have been the anonymous source of the authentic samagri (materials) used during the rituals and Karma Kand.
The journey has just begun, to weave together the different facets of Hindu religion, rituals, practices, traditions etc.; to spread awareness about Karm Kand as practised in Kashi.


Shastrarth (debate in search for true meaning of Scriptures and philosophic aspects), is still deeply rooted in the daily lives of the people of Kashi. Every evening people assemble on the ghats at the bank of the river Ganges, flowing through the city and hold Shastrarth among themselves. One such evening, at Assi Ghat, which is the sangam (meeting point) of the Ganges with its tributary river Asi, under the Fig tree, a bunch of vibrant young enthusiasts Arvind, Shakti, Kusumakar, Ranjan and Amit, had a prolonged debate on Karm Kand (the ritualistic practices) and Vedic traditions. The hypnotic debate lasted several hours. Around mid-night it was realised that most of the current practices outside Kashi are actually not in sync with the Vedic traditions. Thus began the quest for original Vedic traditions. Gradually, when the like-minded people flocked together, it was decided to spread awareness about the actual Vedic traditions and the organisation “Kashikarkand” was born.


To spread awareness about the actual Vedic Karmkand and to help people understand the essence of Karmkand .


Spreading spirituality across humanity.
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