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    The word 'Astrology' is derived from two roots - 'aster,' or star, and 'logos,' or logic - giving it the meaning 'star logic'.

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Hindu Rituals process and impact


Astrology’ is made up of two things – ‘aster,’ or star, and ‘logos,’ or logic – means ‘star logic’. Astrologyis the only connection with the universe. We have sky above and ground below. Astrology is the connection of the patterns […]

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Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science of Vedic origin that deals with proper construction of a house. An age old technique, Vastu defines building of homes in sync with the natural forces. A vaastu perfect home not only attains […]

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16 Sanskar (Hindu)

Dharma preaches that the purpose of human birth is God-realisation. The religious scriptures therefore impart guidance on how to undertake spiritual practice so as to be able to get closer to God in every incident of life, right from birth […]

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Serach various hindu puja we offer and Book online pandit for puja/ Sanskar/ Karmkand.

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Working with good people

Kashikarmkand helps me a lot during pinddan of my father, I was confused and threaten before process coz i was unaware of the process. They are very professional and helpful. I wish them for a great future.

Vipul MishraCalifornia

The Variety of Pooja and Karmkand helped narrow down the definition of our spiritual dream – and we are very happy with where we ended up!It can be only possible by the Kashi Karmkand Executive.

Priti GuptaPatna

Truly a great experience having ritual tour with Kashi Karmkand. We asked several friends who recently Visited Varanasi about their experiences and searched more than dozen Website but , finally we found Kashi Karmkand.

Vijay JaiswalPune

Blogs – Our Expert Speaks

Empowering Knowledge Through Learning

Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap – Vidhi And Benefits

The main aim of the devotees is to visit these Jyotirlinga temples and perform poojas at these most auspicious locations. However, with our hectic lives and our different responsibilities it is not possible to go across the country from one temple to another, to offer Poojas. Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap is one of the most important Shiv Poojas and has tremendous benefits. This pooja even has the ability to lengthen the lifespan of devotees and save them from life threatening ailments.

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Vastu guidelines for kitchen

We must attKitchen is the place where housewives spend most of the time of the day chorus job. That is why we cannot under emphasize importance of proper vastu for the kitchen. If proper vastu rules are not followed in the kitchen owner might have difficulties in the life.ach importance to kitchen in house construction. Stove or gas burner must not be lit facing the South or North. In many homes the kitchen is at outside of the house and this is mostly seen in villages. But this is not very popular.

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Rudrabhishek Yagya and its Benefit

Literal meaning, Ritual bath (Abhishek) of the Siva Lingam, this special Yagya includes the recitation of the 200 verses of Rudra from Yajur Veda. Many householders in India, perform this Yagya on annual basis, for materialistic as well as spiritual gains. It is very much auspicious to doing Rudrabhisek Yagya in the month of Shravan (Sawan).Sponsors of this Yagya often report a distinct increase in sweetness of consciousness as well as enhanced support of their external environment.

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